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The Commons, C/O Hero Teams 3 Albert Coates Lane, VIC 3000


Haharina Street, 3, Level 2, Zaporizhia, 83059, Ukraine


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+61 3 8686 9081

Tackle the challenge of
rapid scalability.

To tackle the challenge of rapid scalability, businesses need better solutions than those available to them locally. Skills shortages, low retention rates, slow development cycles, and escalating labour costs can make this scalability a constant uphill battle.

Welcome to Ukraine, Europe’s IT epicentre

Eastern Europe is a hotbed of technological talent. From this crowded pool of software professionals, we recruit only the best to make up our dedicated teams.

Our team members successfully undertake an extensive vetting process for security clearance, language proficiency, workplace compatibility, and technical capability.

Once they’re up and running, we provide them with ongoing educational and upskilling opportunities to keep them razor-sharp, ever-relevant, and at the very top of their game. Our teams are constantly benchmarked to provide, clear unbiased measures of their skills and capability.

Our office is designed as a multifunctional space, with dedicated areas for team collaboration, recreation, and meetings (specifically setup for remote stand-ups).

Meet our team

Jeremy Scott


Stephen Hammond


Tamara Mishchenko

Office Manager

Maxim Markin

Head of Delivery