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5 ways to maximise the time zone sweet spot

April 16, 2021

With offshore resources, differing time zones are brilliant for overnight deadlines, trickier for long meetings. After 10+ years and 200+ projects, we’ve developed a proven method to maximise the crossover sweet spot and get the best of both worlds.

Having had our head office in Melbourne and software development teams in Ukraine for many years, we’ve worked up these simple yet powerful ways to make sure time zones play into your favour.

1. Process everything

Firstly, we always have strict processes in place so local or offshore team members can pick up where the task left off at any point in time.

2. Set expectations up front

When we recruit we set expectations and gain agreement upfront that flexibility around early starts and later finishes is part of the role - increased remote working has helped with this!

3. Over communicate

Our teams understand that proactive communication is critical, and all progress updates and questions are ready overnight for the Australian team to pick straight up.

4. Daily morning meetings

Regular WIP updates, daily handovers and key meetings are scheduled first thing to maximise the sweet spot for a seamless handover.

5. FLEX when needed

Our Ukraine team understands the need for us to FLEX our hours during important stages of project delivery - for example when there are critical meetings or delivery milestones, we’ll shift our day early or late.

The sweet spot is the crossover time without staff having to go outside of standard business hours in either timezone. However, when teams on both sides agree to flex on working hours when needed you can really maximise crossover.

For over a decade, we’ve helped enterprise and tech companies build quality offshore development teams at scale. To explore the options for your business, please get in touch.

PS: We’re hiring!

We’re looking for passionate developers to join our team in Australia and the Ukraine. If Hero Teams sounds like a fit, get all the details on our jobs page. Or read more about life at Hero Teams.

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