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The Commons, C/O Hero Teams 3 Albert Coates Lane, VIC 3000


Haharina Street, 3, Level 2, Zaporizhia, 83059, Ukraine


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+61 3 8686 9081

We recruit our team from leading tech industries.

Every Hero Teams team member undergoes extensive on-boarding process to test their language proficiency, workplace compatibility, and technical capability. Our technical teams consist of Project Managers, Testers, Developers, Solution Architects and Dev Ops.

Each new team member at Hero Teams is supported every step of the way. We have a robust onboarding process and invest in their ongoing education, ensuring every team member is highly skilled in a broad range of current and emerging technologies.

Our services

Cloud services

Whether it's maintaining or modernising your current infrastructure, we have a vast and deep knowledge derived from experience and certification.

Project management

Our PMs are experts in Agile. They're the glue that holds the project together and the focal point of contact, managing all the resources that keep your project humming.

Web development

Whether it's an existing web application or something new, we know how to leverage all the right tools and technologies.

Mobile development

We help you choose the right architecture – Native iOS, Android or progressive web apps. We can maintain your current apps, refactor them into current technologies, or build something new from the ground up.

Quality assurance

Our team is highly experienced in both quality assurance and quality assistance, practicing all types of functional and non-functional testing – unit testing, integration testing, and smoke testing right through to usability testing.

Solution design

Our Solution designs are informed by the needs of the short, medium and long term. Business requirements, scalability, timeframes and budgets all factor into determining the best technical solution

How we work

The only barriers to offshore collaboration are the ones we imagine.

And once they’re removed, you’re left with a global and agile workforce with true follow-the-sun development capability. Our hybrid delivery methodology breaks down the traditional barriers to offshore development, focusing on genuine integration and constant workflow optimisation.


In-depth and tailor-made. This is when we get to know you and your process, projects and products inside out. We leverage tried and tested delivery methodologies and cater them to your business.


We hand-pick professionals from a pool of world-class talent and build your bespoke technical team. Our teams are constantly benchmarked to provide clear, unbiased measures of their skills and capability.


In-depth and tailor-made. This is when we get to know you. We guarantee ongoing quality control and continuous workflow enhancements. We encourage change and query the status quo, aiming for constant improvement of our process, projects and products inside out. We leverage tried and tested delivery methodologies and cater them to your business.

Why Hero Teams?

World class talent

From Ukraine and the Philippines thriving tech industry, we recruit only the best to make up our offshore teams. We then provide them with ongoing educational and up-skilling opportunities, as well as annual coding tests to keep them at the very top of their game.

A dedicated workforce

We don’t do freelancers or part-timers. Each of our clients have their own dedicated team members.

Effortless full integration

Our hybrid delivery methodology guarantees smooth workflows across time zones and around the globe. We use a multitude of collaborative tools to ensure complete transparency and accountability.

High retention

Code is a story, and we know how important it is to have the same person writing it from start to finish. Our stellar retention rates guarantee clients greater stability, lower onboarding costs, and a significantly reduced risk of IP loss.

Security is in our DNA

Security-focused at every stage. The privacy of our client data is paramount. We clearly articulate security policies when onboarding team members and routinely conduct audits to ensure compliance to global standards.

Tailored on-boarding

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Our onboarding processes are customised to suit every individual client’s needs – just like our teams. Conversely, we can roll out tried and tested processes that foster collaboration, communication and output.

Exceptional office culture

We’re committed to providing safe, secure, and inclusive workspaces that foster creativity and productivity. We value our team members’ ongoing education, and provide them with a range
of upskilling opportunities.

Cost effective

Utilising an offshore workforce means taking full advantage of the global economy. Our outsourced tech teams cost local businesses less than what they would spend on an equivalent onshore team.

Meet your heroes

Your team isn't an add-on. It's a direct extension, and we want it to feel that way. Any time you want to visit your offshore team and meet them in person, you’ll be welcomed with open arms. Our team will also happily come and visit you.