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200,000+ developers, quality, value, beauty… 9 reasons we love Ukraine

May 31, 2021

On top of being a stunning and underrated tourist destination, Ukraine is a hotbed of digital talent. It’s home to over 200,000 technology specialists, and when it comes to having the best developers it’s ranked in the world’s top 5 countries. If you manage software, you’ll love it too. 

Image: Alexey Tolmachov licensed under Creative Commons.

1. You’re in good company

As the IT epicentre of Europe, thousands of companies and investors have flocked to Ukraine. 100+ Fortune 500 companies use Ukrainian IT services and the country hosts R&D centres for global leaders like Google, Samsung, eBay and Oracle. It’s also birthed many prominent tech startups like Gitlab, Grammarly and Looksery (acquired by Snap Inc) to name a few.1

2. Home to the world’s best developers

Ukraine has been quietly making its mark on software outsourcing for several years, with a reputation for quality. The 2019 SkillValue Global IT Ranking report rated Ukraine as one of the top 5 countries with the best developers in the world.2 

3. Cream of the IT crop

Not only is there a lot of tech talent to choose from in Ukraine, but at Hero Teams we work hard to attract and retain the very best. We invest heavily in recruitment, code tests, code reviews, onboarding, qualifications and ongoing training to keep our teams sharp.

4. Value for money

We understand that reducing costs is irrelevant unless every other box is also ticked - quality, speed, skills and security. However, with skyrocketing tech salaries in Australia, there are big savings to be made with the right offshore strategy. By taking advantage of Ukraine’s salary savings and looking after all the overheads of your full-time offshore team - recruitment, payroll, training, tax, insurance, offices, performance reviews etc - Hero Teams can demonstrate significant savings per employee.

5. A strong economy invested in technology

IT has a long history in Ukraine’s economy and consistent investment in the sector has resulted in 200,000 technology specialists in the market, 23,000 new tech graduates every year and exports of over USD 5 billion in IT services.3 For several years, Ukraine’s economy and GDP has been on the rise, driven by construction, professional services and IT.4

6. Language, culture and business compatibility 

While there are IT outsourcing regions throughout the world, Ukraine is in a sweet spot for the Australian market in terms of language, values, education, work ethic, business philosophies, service quality and transparency. Over 85% of technology professionals in Ukraine are proficient in English. 

7. Rapid speed and scale

With world-class software development teams ready to deliver quality code today, tapping into Ukraine’s infrastructure means you can grow your local team with technical equals, integrating them into your existing processes. Limiting your search within Australia makes recruiting slow and painstaking. 

8. Tap Ukraine’s resources to close the skills gap

A recent report by the Australian Computer Society (ACS) and Deloitte found that for Australia to be a leader in the global digital economy we’ll need 200,000 tech workers (a 30% increase) over the next five years. But the skills gap is not evenly distributed geographically. While there are local shortages, Ukraine has university educated, motivated and talented coders around the world that are underutilised. 

9. Diversity risk and code around the clock

While we’re hopeful the pandemic is temporary, many predict a more mobile workforce is here to stay. Setting up remote teams both onshore and offshore is a hedge against sudden shutdowns or other location-specific risks. And, with staggered time zones and flexible hours, there is the opportunity to have remote teams working ‘around the clock’.

We’d love to prove it to you!

While no one’s travelling much right at the moment, we love inviting clients to come to the Ukraine offices, spend some time with their team and get a feel for the investment we’ve made in building quality teams. The more closely integrated we are into our clients’ teams the better. 

In the meantime, we’re well set up with remote tools to allow our teams to be part of your product development discussions, retrospectives and daily WIP meetings.

We can vouch for Ukraine and it’s amazing talent as we have world-class software development teams in the city of Zaporizhzhia and coming soon to Lviv. 

We’d love to introduce you to the team and show you around one day soon(ish). In the meantime, to explore any options for your business, please contact us.


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