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These 7 shared values make remote teams tick

February 9, 2021

As veterans of the software industry, we know that long-term success is about people and business more than code and technology. Values, culture and teamwork are THE difference between simply ‘outsourcing work’ and building an elite tech team to grow your business. Here’s how.

Hero Teams CEO and Founder Jeremy Scott, who has built and sold 6 software businesses, has always understood the power of genuine connections and culture, in an industry too often known for high staff turnover and burnout.

“Having shared values is the key to successful collaboration - especially with remote teams. The more closely integrated into our clients’ teams, the better the results.” 

“Beyond just smooth technical processes, we want to be part of strategy planning, culture, performance reviews and team building.”

Hero Teams Ukraine General Manager Stanislav "Stanis" Bondarenko, who has been with us for over 8 years, had this to say about our culture, values and vision.

“What I’m most proud of is the culture we’ve all built together. The result of this is that we have industry leading staff retention rates which gives clients long term stability.

Together, our team has developed 7 core values:

Quality First

We set and expect the highest quality of ourselves, our peers and our clients.

Be a Hero

Lead with confidence, embrace challenges, celebrate victories, learn from mistakes.

Learn & Grow

Continual growth is a product of persistent learning. It strengthens our people and business.

Over Communicate

Consistent clear communication and team collaboration is key to successful remote teams.

Be Curious

Question the status quo, search for answers that help connect the dots that others miss. Learn from failure and don’t repeat mistakes.

Honesty & Integrity

Be authentic and honest to ourselves, our peers and our clients. Collaborate free of ego. Focus on outcomes.

Always Deliver Value

Consistently deliver high quality meaningful work in a timely manner

Let us show you our values in action

We’re all really proud of the team culture and skillset we’ve built here, and it’s something we love to show to clients. 

“While no one’s travelling much right at the moment, we love inviting clients to come to the Ukraine offices, spend some time with their team and get a feel for the investment we’ve made in building quality teams. Ukraine is a wonderful place and one of Europe's best kept secrets. We’ll also happily come to visit you,” says Scott.

We’re the opposite of arm’s length

In today’s world, video conferencing is second nature and our clients run daily stand-up meetings via Zoom, Slack, Google or similar. There’s no arm’s length agency mentality, we’re on your team.

Plus, everything you expect in a local tech team is embedded in Hero Teams’ offshore performance culture... collaborative spaces, training retreats, performance reviews, team building and skills training.

For over a decade, we’ve helped enterprise and tech companies build quality offshore development teams at scale, with no compromise on security. If you want to explore the options for your business, please get in touch.

PS: We’re hiring!

We’re looking for passionate developers to join our team in Australia and the Ukraine. If Hero Teams sounds like a fit, get all the details on our jobs page. Or read more about life at Hero Teams.

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